Meet Rev. Marie


Rev. Marie lives in the beautiful city of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. East of Toronto.

She is an Ordained Licensed Minister, Registered Wedding Officiant, a Medium and Spiritual Healer.

Loves performing Weddings, Handfasting and Vow Renewals.

Rev. Marie  had a strong connection with the spirit world from a very young age. 

As a Medium, I am blessed and feel privileged to be of service to my community and to those within the Spirit World, acting as a bridge between the two worlds, bringing messages of love, hope and comfort to loved ones and to reassure those grieving that we never really die, we continue our journey to the Spirit World.

Rev. Marie

Member of the Divine Light Spiritual Foundation of Oshawa, ON

Member of The Fellowship of Isis

Member of the International Association of Therapists

Council Member of The Temple of The Night

[email protected]