Archangel Michael carries a sword that cuts all attachments to negativity and cords. Cords are made between people we have bonds with people we meet. Unhealthy cords can drain our energy and therefore affect our health.

If you want to remove unhealthy cords then Think of Archangel Michael and call upon Archangel Michael to assist you now.

Say out loud or in your mind " Archangel Michael with your sword of light and truth, please cut the cords that are draining my energy and health".

Now sit quietly while he cuts the cords and know that he will send healing energy through the severed cords to both you and the other person that you are asking that the cords be cut.

See your energy returning to you in a Divine spiral of golden and white light.

Now, imagine a waterfall of light pouring down from the Divine all around you, and around the person you were corded to. This light of the Divine releases any lingering negativity into the light, and paves the way for your balanced, centered, positive new beginning.

Please remember to Thank Archangel Michael for his help! 

This can be done as many times as needed and will help you and the other person to heal.

With love and gratitude,

Rev. Marie

If you need further assistance, call or text 416-970-9469 or email  me at [email protected]