Love is patient Love is kind Love never ends

Love is the greatest gift there is

Your Wedding!

Your Special Day!

If you are looking for a Licensed Minister to officiate your Wedding, please contact me at [email protected]

I am an Ordained Licensed Minister registered in Ontario

As your Minister, I will help you both in planning and getting you prepared for your wonderful and special Wedding Day where your Love will be shared for Eternity.

The strong Love created between two people can last forever and this is what makes a Wedding special. 


Handfasting is a beautiful and ancient ritual for couples tying the knot.

The Eternal joining of two people in Love.

It is a Sacred Ceremony of commitment


Vow Renewal

Blessing your Marriage to Celebrate the promise made to Love & Cherish one another made on your Wedding Day!


You can choose from a variety of Ceremony package offered. 


Vow Renewals

Pricing varies upon the chosen Ceremony

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